We Could All Use a Little Breathing Room

 Science shows that the body and the mind are incredibly resilient and create all sorts of intricates pathways to help us survive, adapt and to heal. However without time and space to process and recover we end up layering trauma upon trauma. What ends up happening, as doctor and reseracher Bessel van der Kolk eloquent puts it is, "The Body keeps the score."

Be it the aches and pains of physical trauma or the overwhelming mental states of anxiety and depression, some seaons make living seem like a difficult trial.  So we try and press through the best we can, but there are times we just need a little breathing room.  Time to heal, time to think, time to recover.

While recovery can take many forms, many practitioners are recommending Yoga in both physical and mental health recovery.  Although yoga is an ancient and time honored practice of helping people tap into the mind and body's natural ways of healing, many people feel intimdated to step into a yoga studio or find the practices on youtube inadequate to address their needs.  

In theraputic yoga, student's individual needs and concerns are assessed by a specially trained practitioner, steeped in a respect for the ancient wisdom and roots of yoga as well as modern scientific approach to client care.  This practitioner seeks to work in a collaberative relationship with the client, help them to sort through the miraid of appraoches offered by medical, physio, and mental health fields into a simple and achievable approach to let the body and mind heal. 

Weather you have years of experience or have never stepped on a yoga mat the wide range of Yoga Theraputic offerings recognizes that each individual has their own, unique path to follow. 

I am thankful that you have landed here today and hope that you check out all the yoga offerings on this page to find out what may work best for you at this stage on your journey. May you find the breathing room you need to live your best life.


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